Roberta Arruda

First Violins

Roberta began studying music in Campinas when she was seven years old. Her first instrument of choice was the flute. She later moved on to the violin. During her young years, she took part in some of the most important Brazilian music festivals. She played as a soloist in Campinas and São Paulo, and in 2001 she joined the Youth Orchestra of the Americas. Roberta received awards from the Piracicaba Young Instrumentalists Competition and from the Henry Nuremberg Chamber Music Competition.


With a scholarship from the Vitae Foundation, she carried out her music studies for two years at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary. There, among others professors, she was taught by Bartók Quartet members. After studying in Munich, Germany, Roberta moved to the United States, where she completed a master’s degree with full scholarship and received an award in a concert competition.


During the time she was living in New Mexico, United States, Roberta developed an active career as a chamber musician. She also performed as a soloist and played in several different music ensembles, including the Santa Fe Pro Musica as Second Violin Principal Assistant.


In 2012 she was invited to join the La Catrina Quartet and began teaching at the New Mexico State University, where she worked for three years. With the quartet, whose main interest was to promote Latin classical repertoire, she went on several tours across the country and took part in the Cervantino Festival in Mexico. One of her latest projects with the quartet was the recording of an album with works from Cuba. This album was nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2014.

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