Pre-Concert Talks

You can start discovering the music even before taking your seat at the concert hall. A musician of the orchestra, a conductor or guest lecturer will share some impressions about one piece or the whole program of the series Allegro, Vivace, Presto and Veloce. Great opportunities to enhance your experience at the concert hall.

When on Thursdays and Fridays of concerts
Where Green Room – first floor, odd-numbered side
Length from 7:30 PM to 8 PM
Opened to the first 130 ones who arrive with the ticket for the night program.

Listen the previous talks

At any time, our virtual room is opened for you to check our recordings of the Pre-concerts Talks.

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When I am in front of an artwork, what really matters to me is to silence myself profoundly. Thus I can put all my body and soul on the artistic experience. And, to make this experience even more memorable, getting to know a little bit about the stories and time of the composer can make a difference. It is true that art touches us regardless this information, but... It is like to drink a great coffee knowing its origin, who produced it, the "tales" around this or that culture. In music is like to be closer of the piece, of the composer. We start connecting feelings and sensations with everything we know about them and, most important, with we know about ourselves. Music is a powerful tool to deeply break into other fields of knowledge in order to rescue not only the enchantment towards life, but also the transforming perception of being alive in the world.

Werner Silveira, percussionist of the Orchestra and curator of the Pre-Concert Talks