Conducting Laboratory

In order to make music, a conductor needs an orchestra. Moreover, those who want to intermediate the dialogue between musicians and music also need to practice. However, the opportunities for this practice are rare for beginner. Concerned about it, the Minas Gerais Philharmonic devised the Conducting Laboratory, a pioneering initiative in Brazil.

How does it work?

Four young conductors have the opportunity to lead our orchestra for a week, closely watched by maestro Fabio Mechetti.


Their routine is divided between rehearsals and technical classes in which the conductors evaluate their performance on the podium. In the end, the results of this process are shared with the public in an open concert, when the young conductors take turns in conducting the Orchestra.

Must know information

  • Only Brazilian conductors can apply.
  • Up to 15 conductors can participate in the program: only four can be selected to work actively while the others will participate as audit students.
  • Only conductors with proven experience in the field are eligible to take part in the program.

Past editions

6th Conducting Laboratory | October 25th, Sesc Palladium

Closing concert Fabio Loutfi, Lucas Paiva, Yuri Azevedo e Márcio Steuernagel, conductors

Prélude à l'après-midi d'un Faune
Symphony in three movements (mov. I)
Dances of Galanta
The Chairman Dances
5th Conducting Laboratory | October 26th, Sesc Palladium

Closing concert Sergei Eleazar de Carvalho, Alba Bomfim, Luciano Camargo e Vinícius Panegacci, conductors

Tannhäuser: Overture (Fabio Mechetti, conductor)
Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 36
4th Conducting Laboratory | December 8th, 2012, Sesc Palladium

Closing concert Thiago Santos, Tobias Volkmann, Henrique Villas Boas e João Carlos Rocha, conductors

La forza del destino: Overture (Fabio Mechetti, conductor)
Symphony No. 1 in c minor, Op. 68
3rd Conducting Laboratory | November 3rd, Sesc Palladium

Closing concert César Timóteo, Enaldo Oliveira, Marcos Antônio Silva e Natalia Larangeira, conductors

Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95, "From the New World"
2nd Conducting Laboratory | December 2nd, Palácio das Artes

Closing concert Daniel Nery, Ricardo Bologna, Simone Menezes e Tobias Volkmann, conductors

Egmont: Overture in F major, Op. 84 (Fabio Mechetti, conductor)
Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90
1st Conducting Laboratory | November 15th, Palácio das Artes

Closing concert Alexandra Arrieche, Marcelo Lehninger, Masayuki Carvalho e Neylson Batista, conductors

Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 73