Radmila Bocev

Second Violins

Radmila graduated as a violinist in Serbia, her native country. She studied with Professor Dimitrije Ljubisavljevic at Josip Slavenski Music School in Belgrade, continuing her studies with Irina Jashvili, a student of the eminent violinist David Oistrakh. It was under Jashvili’s supervision that Radmila completed her BA and MA degrees at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad.


She has taken part in several master classes with violinists such as Marina Jashvili, Ilia Grubert, Erich Gruenberg and Vadim Gluzman. She has also been a member of the Servian National Theathre Orchestra, the Vojvodian Philharmony Orchestra and of the Novi Sad Chamber Orchestra, with which she performed in Germany and in Serbia. With the Youth Orchestra of Novi Sad, she appeared in concerts in Bayreuth, Germany.


Radmila has performed solo recitals in various rooms, such as the Synagogue Concert Hall, the Novi Sad and the Muzej Vojvodine Chamber Hall. She has participated in several competitions in her country, such as the Republic Competition and the Petar Konjovic Competition as well. She has also been awarded by the Academy of Arts Novi Sad with a scholarship at the Yamaha Institute.

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