Rodrigo de Oliveira

First Violins

Rodrigo began his musical studies at the age of seven. At nine, he entered Music School Maestro Fêgo Camargo, in Professor Jefferson Denis’ class, where he graduated from as violin Technician, in 2008. He has also studied with the renowned Elisa Fukuda and Cláudio Micheletti. He is currently attending Metropolitan University of Santos to obtain his Licensure Degree in Music.


As a concertmaster, Rodrigo has been a member of Camerata Zajdenbaum, Atibaia Symphony, Youth Symphony Orchestra of Taubaté and São José dos Campos Symphony, having performed as a soloist in all of them. He has also participated in several music festivals, such as Santa Catarina, Campos do Jordão, Música nas Montanhas and Semana da Música, the latter in Ouro Branco. Rodrigo has taken part in masterclasses with renowned musicians such as Charles Stegeman, Clara Takarabe, Igor Sarudiansky, Vadim Gluzman, Roberto Diaz, Misha keylin, Rachel Barton Pine, Augustin Hadelich and Denis Parker.


He is one of the young musicians portrayed in the documentary Prova de Artista (2011), directed by José Joffily.

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